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10 Tips to optimize your SEO campaigns by C4M Marketing

C4M Marketing gives you the clues to optimize your SEO campaigns, but first:

What is a SEO campaign?

The process of improving a website’s visibility in the results of a search engine, such as Google

What are the goals?

  • Gain more visibility and get ranked in first positions on search engine pages
  • More reputation
  • More visits
  • And as a consequence more sales


  1. Observe your competitors: how are they ranking? What keywords are they using? What keywords is your target audience using? How are they looking up keywords? Start from scratch, analyze your competitor’s keywords and differentiate them. Why? Gain more visitors and thus more sales.
  1. Clean up your HTML: Have you heard of the famous 404 errors? Broken links on your web? Is your web code troubling it’s interpretation? Simplify your HTML code to facilitate their interpretation to Google bots. To do so, use CSS style attributes. PLEASE NOTE:  you will need a web programmer to accomplish this.
  1. Reduce the size size of your files: Do you have big file sizes? Are they troubling reading?Use files that are smaller than 150kb. These files will be uploaded faster and easier which will prevent ranking penalizations from Google.
  1. Use your own content: What content are you showing on your web? Do you mark the most important words that represent them? Are you taking into account details such as ALT attribute? Create image and text content that rank. Use titles and subtitles such as h1, h2,…combined with keywords you want to rank, take advantage of bold, cursive and underline functions.
  1. Avoid hidden, copied and duplicated text. Avoid repeting keywords: Google doesn’t like duplicated content. Do not copy literally and form of content. Don’t repeat keywords too many to avoid keyword stuffing. A 6%-8% usage is enough.
  1. Use web analytics software: Are you analyzing your web’s traffic? Do you know whether your traffic is converting into sales? Do you receive quality traffic? What keywords are ranking your web? Use web analytics software such as Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools. Act in consequence of the results and fix errors.
  1. Make sure your urls are Google friendly: Are your internal pages not indexing correctly? Do you have strange characters? Make sure your urls don’t have characters such as question marks or strange formulation and make sure they are being indexed correctly.
  1. Use different channels: Blog content? Facebook? Twitter? Youtube Videos? SlideShare presentations? Google Plus? Pinterest? Share your content on social networks as on your own blog. You will be able to index your pages faster.
  1. Collaborate with other webs, blogs and communities: Are you contributing quality content to your users? Do your users talk about you? Does your web redirect to other interesting pages or is it being redirected? Publish your own links and make sure to obtain incoming links from other relevant sites frequently. Work with other webs o communities with the same content.
  2. Start working with a SEO expert. How can I rank my web correctly? How much time will it take? How do I know if I am acting in the correct way? Start working with the help of a SEO expert. He will help you iniciate correct web ranking and teach you how to work your own web in the correct way.
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[email protected] • 12 febrero, 2015

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