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2 semanas, 3 paises, 4 conferencias.

Estas dos últimos meses han sido un no parar, el equipo de C4M ha hecho las maletas para compartir en distintas ciudades europeas, nuestra experiencia en distintos sectores del marketing digital. Vamos a ver como fue el tour: Parada, Madrid: Transforma tus Likes en ventas. El Eshow Madrid sirvió de escenario a nuestra compañera María…

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“The Keys to Success in programmatic Bidding” an interview Tom Horsey

Everyone’s talking about RTB, but do we really know its key advantages? Tom Horsey (Co-founder of C4M) clarifies any questions you may have about this innovative system. “Its impact goes beyond the price, because it also has many benefits in terms of transparency and efficiency. The main advantage for the buyer is that they can…

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White Paper on Programmatic Bidding

The Association representing the advertising, marketing and digital media sector in Spain, launches the first White Paper on Programmatic Buying and RTB, which adds to the 14 published to date by the association. The document was prepared by the  RTB Working Committee created this year and formed by the representatives from renowned companies within the…

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The latest developments in mobile advertising

Find out 4 of the major trends in mobile advertising (indeed in digital advertising in general) as of October 2014. The latest developments in mobile advertising (world telemedia) 141017 by Tom Horsey DIGITAL ADVERTISING TRENDS: The continued rise of mobile advertising ;Real-time bidding, or “programmatic buying”; Data capture and user profiling. Multi device users ; Content marketing and native…

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