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Analyzing Crazy4Media campaign statistics

We are going to analyze the reported percentages of impressions and RPM depending on CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns.

Based on a full year since April 2013, we can use the graph below to compare the evolution of the fluctuations in impressions and RPM taking into account the different types of campaigns in CPA, CPC and CPM.



Interpreting the graph above, the ad impression ratio maintains a stable level throughout the year. The CPM campaigns do not fall below 50%.

However, the results in CPA and CPC campaigns are quite low, but in the third quarter of 2013, the CPA campaigns reached %40.


total rpm

The last graph summarizes the total revenue per thousand, demonstrated by low results for CPA campaigns and significantly better results for CPC and CPM campaigns.


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[email protected] • 28 mayo, 2014

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