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Are Beacons and SMS the future of your business?

beaconsWhat is a Beacon? A beacon comes from a term maritime navigation, which defines the light signals emitted by ships at night to mark its position. But its definition in relation to mobile is what really interests us, and we will discuss this in this article. We refer to beacon as a small device that emits signals with a range of 50 meters via bluetooth technology . These signals are received by any device that can track these signals. How does it works? It could mean the definitive take-off of geolocation .It will define a location in space that can be received by any smartphone or tablet. The importance is that the beacon is a technological improvement over the NFC  (its signal are only received at a maximum distance of 20 inches). This system is a comparative advantage over  geolocation because internet and GPS  cost battery and very high data consumption , which has caused not so successful as to be expected with the beacon . Also, everything seems to point towards a successful future because Apple has announced that its next operating system IOS7 devices bring the implementation of this tecnology and they could send these signals. location-based-mobile-advertising-639x407 How beacon can help me to boost my business’ sales ?

If you’ve already done your forays into the world of geolocation, this new technology will be a breakthrough for your business . The implementation of these devices help businesses and institutions to communicate with us and throw messages as they ‘re closer to them. Hence , for example for those who own a business, you can launch your offers and promotions via SMS to all those who pass nearby. And taking advantage of geolocation and good communication strategy , we can significantly increase sales. If your business is a pioneer in implementing this technology , enjoy privileges because we are not yet suffering an info-xication and it will generate interest and curiosity. It is a direct and original way to connect with your potential audience , and beacons will support the SMS or multimedia message to inform customers . The cost of an SMS to a trade is very low (about 0.006 € through the delivery platform Targetiza ) and yet the sum of this technology with the SMS will be a successful and personalized high ROI for your business. Is there future in the Beacons ? Let us know your opinion! If you want more info about beacons and SMS or any other aspect in your mobile marketing strategy, ask our team!


[email protected] • 22 mayo, 2014

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