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Benefits and Problems of Wearable devices

Wearable computers, also called body-borne computers are small electronic machines worn by the owner beneath or above their outfit, they  represent the new  frontier in engaging brand experience for early adopters of this technology. Today we are going to analyze benefits and problems of this experience.

google_glass_grey-580-90The main benefit of wearable technology is immediacy but we can also find another kind of benefits as well as:

  •  Devices can communicate with wearers about their environment and create or change a behavior in the moment.
  • Wearables have the ability to capture users attention, providing immediate visual notifications, and stimulating a response from the wearer.
  • Them provide the capability to multitask, offers flexibility, convenience and it is rare that you’ll misplace it as its fixed on the clothes.
  •  Finally, the hands-free and location-independent operations of wearables could have a number of use cases in the enterprises, such as emergency personnel, search-and-rescue teams, warehouse workers…Wearable devices

On the other hand we find quite important problems, for example:

  • Too much expectation leads to frustation, because  they are heavy, hard to find  and expensive, also too many apps will be not available in the short term.
  • The screen size of wearables makes them unsuitable for delivering long.
  • Wearable devices aren’t currently designed for the rich interactions that brands want to create.

Rich interactions should be facilitated through another device like a tablet or Smartphone, so an important design consideration for wearables is understanding how to deliver as much information as possible to users before they transition their attention to another device.

Branded apps should use notifications as an opportunity to reinforce wearers’  brand associations through recognizable visual cues, as recognizable colors which establish strong associations in people’s minds.

At this point, any brand need the professional services of a mobile marketing agency.

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