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robot crazy4mediaThe last OmExpo event took place in Madrid from the 9th to the 10th of April and served as the setting to present the new team member in Crazy4Media Group. The new recruit is a robot that allows remote access for any team member or client anywhere in the world.

The principle philosophy of the Crazy4Media group is to offer a personalized hands on approach to all their customer’s needs. Our new Robotic recruit allows the end controller to move around the workplace, or event, via any PC or mobile device.

For example a customer in L.A. could ‘virtually’ visit our headquarters in Seville and take a tour around the office. This way they can see in real time, the office space and how many people work in the team. What’s more, instead of having to gather in a meeting room using a fixed videoconferencing computer, using the robot they can have a meeting and interact with their contacts in the office face to face.

robot crazy4media (3)The Robot is operated by remote control from any mobile device (iPad , iPhone or PC), via the mobile app or on the control panel website. The controls are very simple and users can move the robot around with ease.

The Crazy4Media team is now over 70 employees and, understandably, we are not ALL able to attend every single event held around the world. So at the OMExpo (as you can see in the pic below) we took the advantage of our new Robotic recruit to attend meetings with customers and partners at the event for our key members of staff (Sales reps, account managers and ecommerce specialists,) unable to go in person.

robot crazy4media (2) It was a big show and the Robot caused a sensation with many people stopping to take pics or talk to the robot.

robot crazy4media 5

At Crazy4Media we aim to be at the cutting edge of technology and its advances at all times and have proven to be the first Spanish company to have a Robotic presence at trade fairs.

We hope to continue to thrive in this manner and that our team (Robotic or in human form) continue to attend our clients needs as best as possible.


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[email protected] • 23 abril, 2014

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