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Froggie MM Commercial Expedition to South Africa

Interested in doing business in South Africa?


Our BDM / Operations manager, Alex Hind, has recently returned from a successful trip to South Africa. There’s a lot of movement in the South African market at the moment with the new DOI (double opt in) procedures being set up by both MTN and Cell-C, to coincide with Vodacom’s MESH platform.
Moreover, the new data protection bill (POPI) has also been recently introduced and should hopefully tidy up the direct marketing arena in SA. If you need any more info on POPI and the changes in legislation, again please don’t hesitate to ask. We can also supply totally compliant POPI databases and fully functional SMS routes for direct marketing purposes. We now also have new, more competitive, rates for bulk SMS via Cell C direct routes.
Android is beginning to boom in SA and will soon overtake Blackberry…..don’t be last to test out your apps and get connected up with Froggie! We will happily send you the latest market information from the recent the Mobile Marketing Association event in Durban last month.
We also have a new solution for Opera Mini MSISDN forwarding. We are currently still in test stages but can soon offer it out for clients campaigns.
Last but not least, Kenya is our second African territory to be launched with SMS and mobile billing. If you are looking to run campaigns in Kenya and need a billing solution please get in touch!
If you are looking for specific mobile or generic online advertising space in the African domain our colleagues at Creafi can also help.
Do you have any questions or need more info? Please drop us a line at email [email protected] [email protected] or contact your sales representative. We’re happy to help!

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[email protected] • 4 octubre, 2013

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