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Froggie (Crazy4Media Mobile) relaunches its mobile platform in Mexico

emergentes Froggie, the company dedicated to providing solutions Mobile Marketing since 2001  decides to expand into Latin America. Specifically, it has set its sights on M  Mexico.
The incipient growth and evolution of the mobile market in Latin America, has led to Froggie see in this country a great business opportunity.
The data show that technology adoption speeds up. According to a study from IAB Mexico, the penetration of smartphones in 2013 is 39%, increasing 17 points from the previous year (22% in 2012).
From this year on, Froggie provides connectivity to LatAm customers for them to launch global campaign using our mobile payment platform.

Why use mobile payment?
It is ideal for services and contents’ payments. It’s the best alternative in these sort of cases and their conversion is much greater than the ROI of a credit card.
With the emergent smartphones’ purchase, users have changed their habits of mobile phone use . Thus, users who browse the Internet through their mobile phones usually visit social networks(67 % ), email(50%) and search engines(49%).
77% of mobile internet users have downloaded applications in 2013(66 % in 2012); they download an average of 3 to 4 applications, mostly entertainment and social networks’apps. In addition, 63 % have used a GPS or geo-location service(44 % in 2012)
Mexico’s Telephone Providers(%)
Telcel(73%), Movistar(10.4%), Iusacel(9.5%), Nextel(7.1%).




With these data, everything seems to indicate that the mobile payment platforms will be a solution for anyone wishing to increase the business’ profits using mobile phone as a tool. If you’re looking for more info about our mobile payments services click here to view the full document.
With over 10 years experience in the field of mobile marketing, Froggie is dedicated to providing high quality services to customers in over 45 countries worldwide. If you need customized solutions at:
B2B solutions, CMS, SMS Push, Databases, Mobile Apps Development, Marketing Consulting and training, please contact our team of advisors. You will be offered effectively, cost-effective solutions fit to your business type. For further info: [email protected] [email protected]




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[email protected] • 14 abril, 2014

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