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How to attract qualified traffic and make sales thanks to Growth Hacking

The term Growth Hacking has gradually become popular in recent years, but what does it really mean? And most importantly … How do we make Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is intrinsically associated with the world of startups and one of its main features is that it intends to be an alternative to traditional marketing methods, including traditional online marketing methods because startups are companies that – by definition – do not have a tight business model, but rather consolidated and created as they roll (business development method also known as » Lean»).

In this sense, these businesses can not afford to make thorough marketing plans and allocate budget lines to large projects, at least not at first. It is at this point where growth hacking steps in.

Growth hacking is a mix of analytical, creativity and curiosity. Analytical because it is essential to analyze what actions work and which don’t. Creativity because it will be necessary to generate strategies and launch innovative and effective actions that allow us to reach and retain as many potential users as possible. Curiosity because for a Growth Hacker is essential to be informed, to be multidisciplinary and to critically analyze data to devise and implement creative actions. In short, a Growth Hacker is in charge of identifying opportunities to approach a target audience in effective ways – though not necessarily orthodox or classical – and of course without major investments in marketing or advertising. 

So, how do carry out a Growth Hacking strategy? 


There are many known techniques that could be considered as characteristics of growth hacking, as the freemium business models or exclusive invitations. They both correspond to techniques that seek to attract users and increase the scope of actions by trying to get recommendations from users as we get them to follow our product or service in a loyal way.

In any case, the most primitive and reliable model for growth hacking necessarily starts with a blog with relevant content for our target audience, because with it you not only will generate audience really interested in aspects of your product or service but you also will improve your SEO.

Don’t forget it!Finally, to carry out a successful Growth Hacking strategy, remember to never lose sight of your conversion funnel and always examine that each user acts accordingly at each step so they don’t escape. ; )

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Cristina Rodriguez • 28 octubre, 2015

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