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How to find last minute sales in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The » black Friday» is here! It’s another of the many festivals held in the US and has come to Spain . And why don´t take this opportunity to do Christmas shopping?

These days are stress and madness for any ecommerce if you have not planned this day a few months in advance.

Since 2013, in Spain the number of buyers over the Internet has grown by 52 % and the average spending reaches 70 € per month and per person. Today is the famous Black Friday and the next Monday 30th is celebrated the Eday to buy heavily discounted on the Web.


We can find online discounts of up to 80 % on more than 4,200 products from 300 different brands in fashion, travel, electronics, accessories , sports , training, or feeding babies, etc.

On this day, known as » Cyber ​​Monday”, grows further upward trend towards the net purchases. There were 840,000 million sales operations around the world through Internet in 2014. And among the things that stand out by Internet users who purchase is the price, along with promotions and discounts etc.

Those companies that haven´t had time to plan strategy for these days yet can have hope if you are willing to spend money on advertising , be active in social media, do email marketing and focus directly on their best customers.


It’s time to buy online ads and spend a little more money. In the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday shoppers will be looking on special offers. And where will you find these offers ? They’re going to find these deals on the search engines or in social media . Facebook Ads or Google Adwords is your best option.


We need to think smart discounts. Is now performing to “out of stock”  things that probably would be closed in January and now offer these bargain prices . Or do discounts on purchases over € 100 per instance. It is the occasion to risk.

  • KEEP ACTIVE SOCIAL NETWORKS and care for returning customers

You have to establish and publish actively. Without being annoying write your social media followers about your offers. And focus on the most frequent customers.

For each of these customers, a special invitation shopping with a special offer. Keep two things in mind: The offer should be better than the offer that will share through mailing and social media . You must personalize the message.


We must be prepared to submit offers for mailing, build a targeted list for Cyber ​​Monday and one for the Black Friday, plan segmentation, and of course take into account who headed the messages.We need to send email marketing without fear.

What are you waiting for an increase in your sales in just two days ?



Patricia Martín • 27 noviembre, 2015

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