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Mobile Video Ads Generate More Leads and Make More Money

Your business deserves to be in front of your audience. In their day to day activities, they probably use their smartphones and tablets, so you can enhance your qualified leads and sales potential by using this information.

The power of mobile marketing is growing each day. As technology expands, mobile phones and devices have become a regular part of our lives. We use them as a source of information, and a way of communication and entrainment. More than four billion people around the world use mobile devices every day, so business owners find this as a wonderful opportunity to reach new customers and increase sales.

It is the hottest trend among most advertisers, who agree that video advertising for handled devices is the best long-term strategy to invest in. As video advertising for mobile devices is still relatively fresh, a new window of opportunity has opened for very effective advertising campaigns.

1Online Video AdvertisingThe Power of Mobile Video Advertising

In 2013, there was a massive increase in the mobile advertising industry. A research shows that mobile video outperforms desktop video every time, while 90% of mobile users are using multiple devices. Engaging video ads can generate more leads, acquire more customers, achieve marketing objectives and convert much better.

According to that research, mobile and tablet users are three times more likely to watch a video than a laptop user. 100% of tablet users watch videos at home, 66% on vacation and 22% during work. 33% of tablet users watch videos in average of an hour a day and during weekends even up to two hours a day. Furthermore, brand recall is improved with online mobile video ads. 57% of tablet users could recall a video ad with no hints.

Google and Facebook allow to target very specific groups of people, and you can use that to increase your conversion rates. Facebook claims that mobile accounted for 41% of its advertising sales on the second quarter of 2013. They let developers put videos in their app advertising, so now videos are much more captivating. In addition, YouTube’s content creation is very effective in terms of conversion and can heavily increase your revenue.

mobile marketing (2)Mobile Video Advertising Methods

Viral marketing uses a great hook to get your prospect’s attention and interest. This advertising method encourages them to share your video and spread the word to their friends and family. It is so easy for your mobile video ads to go viral with great content and simple sharing options.

Moreover, you can use the location function of mobile devices to target nearby prospect in your local online marketing campaign. It gives the opportunity to engage with your ideal prospects and get a significant return on the initial investment. Testing, measuring and tweaking the ads for impressions or click-through rates are also very easy with mobile video advertising.

Larger exposure requires thinking of a great mobile video strategy. Now is the best time to invest in the right advertising method, the one which gives the greatest advantage for both the short and the long term. You can use video advertising for mobile to your benefit, no matter what device or method you apply in your advertising.

Video inbannerEmbrace video ads for mobile devices today to be at the top of your market. Contact our mobile marketing agency ([email protected]) now and we will design and implement the best video advertising strategy to increase your qualified leads and the number of your sales!

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