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OMExpo 2014 Review

logo omexpo2Last week, during the 9th and 10th of April , took place OMEXPO at IFEMA (Madrid).OMExpo is the yearly gathering for professionals in the digital marketing sector. Crazy4Media was represented by several professionals of its main companies (Creafi , Froggie and HaxHax) They attended the meeting to discover firsthand the latest digital marketing news, and also to provide  information about our marketing online and mobile services,as well as:
-The 50+ countries where we have mobile billing implemented.
-Our latest direct marketing tools for push notifications, SMS and email.
-Revenue Share App distribution options.
-Ecommerce marketing solutions and marketing strategies to grow your online business.
-Online & Mobile advertising(CPC and CPM pricing models).
-And the latest! HaxHax the new marketplace for brand focused advertising campaigns.


OMExpo highlights

Among the main innovations, we would highlight the following:

* Content marketing is booming in the world of online advertising. It helps strenghten brand presence and introduce it to    customers in a subtle way.

* Compared with other European countries , Spain still have a long way to go , specially if we compare to the UK, France or      Germany. The Spanish industry has an increasing growth in Latin America and there is an unexplored venue in Asia to keep in mind,  we should not forget that the world is global.

* Digital advertising in Spain has grown over the last four years. Opportunities to reach users have not stopped increasing,  especially via smartphones. Predictions for the future of this industry are very optimistic. One of the keys to success will be  the creation of high quality content . The economy crisis has served for many advertisers try to invest in digital advertising  and as the economy recovers, digital advertising will grow more than conventional.

* Mobile advertising experience great growth. In Spain , more and more people own a mobile device (smartphones or tablets) .  Brands know this and know that the users are permanently online. Furthermore, mobile advertising offers multiple possibilities,  making it ideal medium to reach direct and personalized to each user.

Tom Horsey , cofounder of Crazy4media , acted as speaker at Markitude hall, through his presentation «Advanced solutions for capturing audience», stressed the importance of segmentation as a fundamental tool to reach target audiences in an effective, directly and profitable way.

robot crazy4mediaFurthermore, OMExpo served as the setting for the presentation of the new team member in Crazy4Media Group. The new signing is a robot that allows direct advice to anywhere in the world. It is operated by RC from any mobile device (iPad , iPhone or PC), or through an application or a web address. Crazy4Media has become the first Andalusian company to have their service.

Thanks to him » we can solve specific customer’s problems quickly and effectively » Consequently will mean a revolution in customized service. » We will become part of our client companies but our job is in another place,» Tom Horsey said .

If you could not attend OMExpo and want more details about our new team member or need a customized solution for your online marketing or mobile business and do not know where to go, contact us! For further info: [email protected] 



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[email protected] • 15 abril, 2014

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