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Our Experience at Seville Startup Weekend

Last weekend took place one of our favorite events in Seville:  Startup Weekend.

It’s probably one of the best events in Seville. It takes place during an intense weekend and is useful for participants to become entrepreneurs if their business ideas are viable, and carry them out to their full potential experience.

post 3Yes, you read that right. In 54 hours, you have the opportunity to pitch your business idea, build a team, validate among the target audience and launch your own startup.

The attendees to this event are usually into three different profiles: primarily software developers, graphic designers and people interested in business. Mostly they’re young but the best is that everyone can attend.

If you have a business idea and want to carry it out … or just want to participate in something great, learn and do networking … this is the place!

How does it work?
post 2On Friday afternoon the event starts with a turn of «open mic» so attendees are invited to present their idea in a minute in order to get involved as many people they can, to join their team.

After hearing all ideas, everybody vote among the participants. In other words, it’s time to choose the most popular ideas. The pitchers should team up with other participants depending on the startup needs who will work on the idea.

On Saturday and Sunday, the teams design their startup with the help of mentors and facilitators to finally develop the business plan.

On Sunday afternoon the teams presented their prototypes to the judges, in a 5 minutes. The judge will enrich the ideas and elect the winner of the event.

post1Seville Startup Weekend is the perfect opportunity to boost your business idea, learn everything you need to know to run your own startup and establish key contacts with other professionals.

Who can participate?
This is the best: Anyone can participate. No matter the age, education or employment status, the important thing is the desire to get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to see the atmosphere of Seville Startup Weekend, do not miss this video:

 Finally, we would love to mention some of the ideas that we liked most in this edition of Startup Weekend Seville.

Cachondeo Box is a box that includes everything needed to throw a typical party in any city in the world for just € 34.90 per box.

cachondeo box

And Klouters which is an unique platform for selling products of influencers. In other words, Klouters is the Amazon of influencers.

Klouters web

Ready to attend to the next edition?


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Cristina Rojas • 17 noviembre, 2015

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