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SMS and Apps, an ideal marriage!

Mensajes2The commercialization of SMS is a tested and checked method that offers impressive results. It provides the benefit of supporting to traditional media inside a good digital marketing strategy

                            What makes it so valuable?

92% of the adult population in Spain have a mobile phone. Most of them check their phones 150 times a day.  97% of received SMS are read within 15 minutes after its reception.

This data help to explain the continuing influence of SMS nowadays.

About 80 % of mobile users spend most of their time using mobile apps. Therefore, the use of the SMS is a half more than  convincente to alert to the users of new applications,app’s updates  or to make old users reuse our application again which was abandoned in the past by any reason (that we have to improve)

Once included the SMS in your marketing strategy, is easy to see his high value in a broader multi-channel strategy:

– Experience high growth of ROI by the low price of the SMS. (5 cents averaging)

-Increasing success in each channels when they are implemented   together.(Send a SMS supporting a mailing campaign could increase the open rate up to a 20%)  

                        How can we use SMS  to boost our app?

Mobile users  Various SMS utilities can be used during the whole life cycle of the app.

Initially it will be very useful if you use it as a supplement to download your app and to attract new users.

It allows us to increase the sales or cross-selling, it will let you study your users’ needs and you could be able to develop new  customized products. Moreover, SMS will be essential to reward your consumers’ loyalty.

On the other hand, if you need  to boost your users’ feedback, the SMS is the most effective method.  According to recent data, 1 in 3 consumers will answer to a survey by SMS and the average response time is  five minutes. However only 13% will do it by email and will take more than an hour to reply.


Froggie can help and advise you in the use and purchase of SMS for your marketing campaigns.Check out our rates and we could  help you to get the most out of your investment. Contact us!![email protected]

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[email protected] • 27 marzo, 2014

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