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Analyzing Crazy4Media campaign statistics

We are going to analyze the reported percentages of impressions and RPM depending on CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns. Based on a full year since April 2013, we can use the graph below to compare the evolution of the fluctuations in impressions and RPM taking into account the different types of campaigns in CPA, CPC and…

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Synchronized Multi-Screen Campaigns.

All researches about multi-screen behaviors concludes, 70% of smartphone or tablet owners normally use them at the same time they are watching TV.     Creafi Online Media helps you to capture second screen viewers online when relevant TV ads are being aired. You decide the TV ad in channels (actually working  up to 125…

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Video Ads in Social Media Channels Can Boost Your Sales

A good-quality video, leveraged by the power of social media can make all the difference in your business. Viral videos can be seen by millions of people, which often leads to a massive increase in sales. Take advantage of the social revolution to maximize your revenue. Videos are fun! And they can be profitable to…

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Behavioral Targeting solutions, the way to increase conversions

Behavioral targeting (also known as behavioral or interest based advertising) is a growing way of making the advertising you see on websites more relevant to your interests and preferences. It is a based upon previous unidentifiable web browsing activity, such as pages viewed, searches made and ads clicked on. An online advertising network such as Creafi Online Media…

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Online video advertising, the newest key to success

In order to understand the evolution of online video advertising, one could first observe the fast transition from television to computers. About a decade ago, the TV set was the center of the house, the source of information and entertainment. Today, even though television still sells well, the computer is the one that we use…

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The three most effective digital advertising solutions

In today’s tech-oriented world, advertising means much more than billboards and TV commercials: it is a complex process that takes brand interaction to a superior level, allowing businesses to showcase their products and services in the arena where all the magic happens. The Internet is indeed a thriving marketplace with dynamics and principles of its…

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