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Real Time Bidding (RTB):La solución definitiva del marketing online

La publicidad online está basada principalmente en un modelo de coste por impresiones (CPM), aunque existen otros muchos modelos, como el CPC, el CPA, el CPI… En el caso de la publicidad basada en el modelo CPM, sabemos que se nos cobra un precio x cada vez que nuestro anuncio se muestra a 1000 usuarios….

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Real Time Bidding (RTB): The ultimate online marketing solution

Online advertising is primarily based on a cost-per-impression payment model (CPM), although there are many other payment models in online advertising such as CPC, CPA, CPI … In the case of advertising based on the CPM payment model, we know that we charge a certain price each and every time our ad is displayed to…

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Real Time Bidding

Creafi Online Media a leading ad network monetizing premium publisher inventory to advertisers globally has just launched a new Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform. It brings numerous benefits to publishers and advertisers, including the option to run self serve campaigns via the Creafi trading desk. Agency partners: Thanks to the Creafi trading desk, campaign control and spending efficiency…

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