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Video Advertising: The Greatest Opportunity to Expand your Global Reach

The world of video advertising on the internet is growing rapidly. Video has been proven to have a significant impact on branding and on purchase decisions. In addition, video advertising can help you connect with your prospects by engaging and showing them how much value you can bring into their lives.

Are you using video advertising to promote your business? Creating viral videos with branded content that makes people share it, is the greatest opportunity to market your business since the invention of the television!

Video advertising

Use Video Ads and Turn Consumers into Buyers

Online videos and the online advertising network are constantly growing. Recent research shows that one out of any two customers says that YouTube videos have made them to a purchase decision. Videos content impacts 50.3% of purchase decision while engagement with brands on social media is rising as well.

Video marketing is an effective way of driving consumers to consider buying new products from you. Product’s discovery and purchases decisions are very much influenced by YouTube videos and other social media channels. Recent studies show that video viewers usually purchase and spend more than readers, and also younger shoppers are constantly expecting for videos.

Video drives consumers to shop online. Watching videos make consumers 64 percent more likely to purchase as consumers expect video as part of their shopping experience. People tend to remember videos, and it is also inspiring confidence before a purchase decision. Product videos in particular, help consumers make purchase decisions. 52% of consumers said that watching product videos has made them feel more confident to buy online. For example, 40% of apparel shoppers visited a store or a retailer’s website as a result of watching online apparel videos.

Video inbannerHow to Use the Power of Online Video Ads

Video is also great for your lead generation processes. Plenty of squeeze pages are using videos to make consumers subscribe to their email lists. Some statistics show that 66% of video consumers will watch a video two to three times if the information helps them. Longer form video content usually attracts more viewers. Getting early subscribers to your platform is the ideal long-term strategy to gain advantage in your market.

Mobile video is rising in recent years. It keeps growing fast and is a massive opportunity for marketers to target their advertising to their exact target market in a very personal way. 35% of mobile users are expected to watch video online.

Online videos are searchable and accessible. 89 million people in the U.S. alone will watch 1.2 billion online videos today. Google calls online video the» virtual fitting room.» The prediction is that even Facebook is going to use video ads in 2014. Advertisers have increased their spending on online video ads to more than four billion dollars in 2013! Our professional agency can help you use video ads, attract more customers and have them come to a purchase decision.


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