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10 ways to use social media to improve your customer service

Monitor feedback online.
 You must remain aware of what people are saying about your business elsewhere on the internet. Use search engines or tools such as Google Analytics to find reviews of your business.

2 encourageEncourage and Respond feedback. Encouraging and acting on feedback allows you to tailor your product or service to your customers’ needs.  Respond to the feedback. If a visitor tweets at your handle or posts on your Facebook page and never receives a response, trust is lost.


Deal with negative feedback promptly. Complaints are your priority, so set up a policy to deal with them swiftly and efficiently. Negative feedback needs to be addressed as well, preferably with patience and respect.


4competitionKeep an eye on the competition. Many sectors have consumer review sites where customers are encouraged to share their experiences. Scan these regularly to see what customers are saying about you and your competitors. If all your rivals seem to have special offers, it might be worth considering launching one, or you could miss out on custom.

5customersNote what your customers want. Consumers like to feel as if they’re the only ones being spoken to. You should know your customers and speak to them in personal ways to establish touchpoints that build relationships and create loyalty.
Live chats are another effective way to offer intimate interaction and engagement with fans.

6teamGet the Whole Team Involved. Managing the social media marketing on a company doesn’t have to be on the shoulders of just the marketing department. Other employees should be engaging in the social media efforts as well.
Encourage your team to update their Linkedin profiles, tagging your company as their primary place of work. Ask them to post comments regularly and share your website’s link with others.

7 channel uniqueTreat each channel as an individual entity
Facebook: Great for general news.
Linkedin: Best to connect with other professionals.
Twitter: Announcements or audience interactions.
Instagram: Best for pictures.
Google+: The biggest benefit of Google+ is the instant search results. Because it’s a Google program, your Google+ page might be higher than your actually website, doubling your company’s visibility.
YouTube: Perfect for video sharing.

8imagesUse Images to Engage. A picture is worth a thousand words, photos drive twice as much engagement as text posts do on Facebook. So if you’re looking to attract some new fans, start snapping pics. But the pics need not be product-focused. Followers like and comment on every one of them, so images could just be related to the product.

9spice upSpice Up The Platforms. With so many platforms to manage, be sure to have a distinct content on each channel . If a customer sees the same information and pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, they need only follow you on one of these platforms. Also, be wary of overpromotion. Nothing is more of a turnoff than a constant sales messaging, people easily can unfollow, and they will.
Be creative – use giveaways, personality, and a sense of humor to engage followers and convert them into free brand promoters.

10standoutLet Customers Stand Out. Nothing makes a customer feel better than being acknowledged ( or better yet, honored ) by their favorite brand. Is there a way to offer kudos to your loyal fans? If so, make it happen.


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