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Video Advertising: The Greatest Opportunity to Expand your Global Reach

The world of video advertising on the internet is growing rapidly. Video has been proven to have a significant impact on branding and on purchase decisions. In addition, video advertising can help you connect with your prospects by engaging and showing them how much value you can bring into their lives. Are you using video…

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Video Advertising in Brazil

The Video Revolution in Brazil and What That Means For You In Brazil, the number of internet users increases every year, and now Brazil is the 5th biggest internet market in the world. With 42.9 million unique visitors to video sites and growing, Brazil is also the world’s 7th largest online video market. The abilities to…

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Benefits and Problems of Wearable devices

Wearable computers, also called body-borne computers are small electronic machines worn by the owner beneath or above their outfit, they  represent the new  frontier in engaging brand experience for early adopters of this technology. Today we are going to analyze benefits and problems of this experience. The main benefit of wearable technology is immediacy but…

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