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Breakfast at IAB Spain: ASO review

On 26 March, we attended the breakfast organized by IAB Spain in Madrid. This association represents the industry of advertising, marketing and digital media in Spain, and through their Themed’s breakfasts aims to introduce and discuss various hot topics for the sector. This time, the theme was ASO (App Store Optimization). The speakers, all of…

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SMS and Apps, an ideal marriage!

The commercialization of SMS is a tested and checked method that offers impressive results. It provides the benefit of supporting to traditional media inside a good digital marketing strategy                             What makes it so valuable? 92% of the adult population in Spain…

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Do you want to boost your app dowloads?

During these past years we have been able to experience a progressive increase in the app downloads from the App Stores. Specifically last year, there were approximately 102 trillion worldwide downloads, dividing the Android Market between 58% and Apple 33 %. This demand has led an increasing developing of mobile application. Among all this multitude…

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Mexico, a good choice for your mobile marketing efforts

The growth of the mobile landscape in Latin America has evolved gradually over the past few years. This has generated new usage trends and unique patterns of consumption in Latin American users. Currently the volume of mobile phone users is estimated at more than 300 million, according to data from GSMA. Distributed among countries such…

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Video Ads in Social Media Channels Can Boost Your Sales

A good-quality video, leveraged by the power of social media can make all the difference in your business. Viral videos can be seen by millions of people, which often leads to a massive increase in sales. Take advantage of the social revolution to maximize your revenue. Videos are fun! And they can be profitable to…

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A Mobile Billing System for Your E-Commerce Businesses

Adopt a smart and effective mobile payment system for your e-commerce business. Be there before your competitors, reduce costs and gain a huge advantage in your market. The smartphone has already replaced the clock, the music player and other inventions. Now it replaces cash! A wide range of products and services around the world already…

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