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Analyzing Crazy4Media campaign statistics

We are going to analyze the reported percentages of impressions and RPM depending on CPA, CPC and CPM campaigns. Based on a full year since April 2013, we can use the graph below to compare the evolution of the fluctuations in impressions and RPM taking into account the different types of campaigns in CPA, CPC and…

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Create incredible Apps, for FREE!!!!!

With App Creativa Crazy4Media (App Builder) you can create your own free Apps, with your own design, without functional restrictions and without limits for your imagination. Easy and intuitive:  Anyone can create their own App with App Creativa Crazy4Media. It doesn´t require technical knowledge to use it thanks to its easy and intuitive Web interface, which…

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Are Beacons and SMS the future of your business?

What is a Beacon? A beacon comes from a term maritime navigation, which defines the light signals emitted by ships at night to mark its position. But its definition in relation to mobile is what really interests us, and we will discuss this in this article. We refer to beacon as a small device that…

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Synchronized Multi-Screen Campaigns.

All researches about multi-screen behaviors concludes, 70% of smartphone or tablet owners normally use them at the same time they are watching TV.     Creafi Online Media helps you to capture second screen viewers online when relevant TV ads are being aired. You decide the TV ad in channels (actually working  up to 125…

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know first-hand the highlights of the best marketing digital events

Have a look at our latest monthly newsletter and you’ll be able to know first-hand the highlights of the best events we have attended so far this year. We have lots of new services and have recruited a new member who is going to catch your attention. You can read the full newsletter here. Do you…

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App Store Optimization, the importance of been asoptimized!

After the huge success in the ASO Themed Breakfast in Madrid, Antonio Traugott, General Chief at IAB has decided to organised a new edition in Barcelona. It has took place on may 8th. IAB has brought together differents mobile professionals.  Among them, Miriam Peláez and Daniel Peris co-founders PickASO , Judith Gómez and Ana Faucha…

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