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5 Tips to optimize your Twitter Ads campaigns

5 Tips to optimize your Twitter Ads campaigns

10 years ago Twitter was born, a microblogging social network where people and brands express their interest and opinions while they interact with similar users. Once Twitter assumed the challenge of letting brands advertise themselves, there were many experiments, doubts and failed attempts.

Months later we have found that in Twitter, as in many other social networks, there is no formula to create the perfect campaign, but there are little tricks that will help you optimize the most your Twitter Ads.

From our experience at Crazy4Media with various clients, we highlight the following tips to optimize your campaigns on Twitter Ads:

  1. Don´t try to convert on Twitter

Although it depends on your target audience and their experience with the brand, if your goals are sales, leads or app downloads, Twitter isn´t the most appropriate network.

Think that Twitter users search for quality content, that´s what you should offer them. Don’t invade their space to say “buy my product or service”, or “download my app”, because, if they aren’t familiar with your brand, it will be consider spam and you will lose a chance to connect.

Our recommendation is to take advantage of Twitter to build a community, work on branding, always searching for results like interaction with the tweet, followers and video reproductions.

After experimenting and getting to know your audience, try to convert, but without hoping for low cost per conversion, in comparison with other social networks.

  1. Be more visual in your ads

It´s a fact that, on social networks, contents with images and videos receive more interactions.

In Twitter it´s the key to optimize your campaigns, you can try it lots of times and the result is going to be the same each time, when you include an image or video in your tweet and tag other related users, you´re going to receive more visualizations and clicks.

Take advantage of visual elements. Unlike Facebook, in Twitter you don´t have 20% text limit on your images, the only limit is your message. So: Is it attractive? Does it motive? Does it have a CTA? Would the user RT? Is it quality content?

If you respond positively to all this questions, you are ready to start promoting.

  1. Make Twitter Cards your best friend

We all have been in that moment where we are really inspired while writing the perfect tweet, attractive but also with a CTA, but when you are about to tweet it you notice that you are -5 characters and you get frustrated because those 5 characters make the meaning of  your tweet.

In that moment Twitter Cards are your ally, the cards come with a clickable image accompanied by text, always visible at users feed.

Twitter Cards

The best way to use them is when in the tweet you include an attractive phrase, in the card you write the CTA and the image is striking with the rest of information you need to deliver. It should be noted that when you create the card, it generates a link that can be include in organic and promote tweets.

It´s very important to remember that Twitter Cards don´t work on campaigns with the objective of interaction with the tweet. In this case, if you are working with that objective it´s better if you use the card in the organic content and to promote a typical tweet.

  1. Segment to detail

It´s incredible all the user´s data you can get from social networks, in Twitter´s case it´s impressive being able to target your audience according to the accounts they follow.

When you make your campaign segmentation takes this attributes into account:

  • Implement keywords, write all the words related to the tweet you want to promote. Write in possible ways, with or without hashtag, always remembering that each keyword is a word that your audience would use. This attribute is also good because you can see the reach of each word.

palabras clave

  • Always add followers, you can search for users similar to your brand and target those who follow them. Imagine that you are an organic store, but don´t know how to reach your clients, you can find brands similar to you and target their followers.

añadir seguidores

  • Include custom audience, if you have a DataBase add them to your campaign. With this you can deliver message that interests users that you already know, you can even create custom offers or contents to your loyal customers


5. Measured every detail

Twitter estadisticasSometimes we don´t know what made an ad reach pretty good results, that´s why we need to study and measured every detail. Which user account gave more interactions? Which video has more reproductions? Why the user did not RT? Which images received more clicks? Which keywords worked better?

Discover the answers to those questions, and find out what happen to you campaign and learn from your mistakes and also your hits.

For last but not least, with Twitter Ads it´s all about trying, sometimes we need to spend a few weeks creating different campaigns to discover how can we “click” with our audience. Remember that what works for your brand on Facebook or Instagram, might not work on Twitter so find out your users behavior and create custom campaigns for them on Twitter.

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Jhovanna Pumarol • 14 abril, 2016

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