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Achieving online sales: do you really know your target audience?

First thing any company is crystal clear about when deciding to go for online business or to improve its online marketing strategies is that it wants to increase its sales. Another point that should also be clear in order to get ahead in the online sales channel is its business model on the Internet, meaning : How does the online business pay off ?

In many cases, it will be an online replica of the offline business. In others, there will be differences from business offline – other functionalities , different prices … – . In other cases, the business model will be exclusively online, so it will be even more important to know how users behave online , because the Internet is the only medium in which the company will operate . Whatever the business model and strategy defined for the online channel, there are some other equally important aspects that should be considered. However most people spend hours and hours trying to define an strategically sustainable business model, sometimes most forget the main thing: the target audience.

Knowing your target audience is one of the main keys to the future success or failure of your business model. Do you know it well? The more data you have about it, the easier it will be to attract it and make it your customer.

Then, what can you do to narrow your target?

1.       Prepare a demographic questionnaire which contains  data on gender, age , geographical location , nationality, marital status, children , occupation , education level, job title…

At first sight, these are the easiest data to define, so try not to forget any of them!

  1. Prepare a questionnaire of interests, hobbies and passions with as most detailed information as possible: loves movies, do not like football, likes cooking, hates the mountains…

This task may be complicated somehow, specially depending on what is your company focus business. Moreover, try to define it in the deeper way possible, since the operation of the online channel marketing is mainly based on segmentation, and largely on segmentation of interests.

  1. Prepare a behavioral questionnaire: Is yours a rational buyer? Is he irrational? Does he take weighed or impulsive decisions?

This is one of the most important points, for we may have well defined the above ones, but we might have not taken the necessary time to think about how these users act when making a purchase. Knowing, or at least trying to define two or three possible case scenarios along with the responses of the previous questionnaires will help us creating appropriated messages that will appeal to our target audience.

  1. Where is your target?

If you’ve got this far, you probably already have a clear idea of where your target audience is located. In what social networks is it present, what type of information searches on the Internet, what kind of blogs it reads, whether it uses mobile applications or not and what kind, whether it accesses the Internet through a computer or whether it prefers a mobile phone or a tablet …

If you still don’t know it, do not worry: just look at the following steps.

  1. Analyze, analyze and keep analyzing.

Implementing monitoring procedures and spending time measuring, establishing KPIs and analyzing the data will allow you to clear up all doubts and any remaining gaps that might have kept unfilled in the previous questionnaires. You might also be interested in taking a look of: How to attract qualified traffic and make sales thanks to Growth Hacking

You’ll even get to learn things you didn’t know about your target audience at the beginning of the process.


  1. Start all over again!

Debug your strategy and your online actions and get more and more online sales.

Do you need our help? 😉

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Cristina Rodriguez • 16 diciembre, 2015

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