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Behavioral Targeting solutions, the way to increase conversions

Behavioral targeting (also known as behavioral or interest based advertising) is a growing way of making the
advertising you see on websites more relevant to your interests and preferences. It is a based upon previous
unidentifiable web browsing activity, such as pages viewed, searches made and ads clicked on.

BEHAVIORAL MARKETINGAn online advertising network such as Creafi Online Media is using the latest data-driven technology in all platforms, exchanges and networks partnerships in order to provide behavioral targeting strategies to their clients. They can reach with precise message to people who are actually interested in receiving that information.

Behavioral targeting works for advertisers and publishers: it can make advertising budgets work harder and allows a better ROI (return on investment) for advertising inventory on the publisher side.

Moreover, Behavioral targeting can work together with other strategies as Retargeting or Content Classification
in order to enhance precision, engagement and ROIs for Advertisers and Agencies.

advertiserAdvertisers: Segments help advertisers to reach people with online interests and intent that fulfill campaign goals. Advertisers get higher ROIs at the same time as provide better online experience to consumers.

publishersPublishers: Custom Segmented Audiences can be built and populated for premium publishers providing them with new income stream. They can make profit with their users and visitors by offering them to other brands and advertisers interested on these qualified segments.

agenciasAgencies: Segmented Audiences can be shared in several platforms and exchanges. They can use them to focus on a customer profile or to complement generic campaigns.



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[email protected] • 14 noviembre, 2013

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