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Crazy4Media at adtech Nueva York 2013


Some days ago, we were attending ad:tech, an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition,held November 6th through the 7th in New York City. The two day event was attended by the hottest companies in online marketing and advertising. If you weren’t able to attend but you want to know our latest digital marketing services, keep reading…

  • Real Time Bidding We now have our own RTB platform where you can bid for traffic from our inventory of managed publishers.
  • Display traffic We deliver high volume brand safe traffic for most geos worldwide.
  • Targeting We offer multiple targeting options including geo, channel, behaviour and contextual targeting.
  • Pre Roll Video Inventory We have high volume and high quality video traffic that delivers great view rates.
  • Mobile Our mobile traffic can be delivered using OS, Carrier and Device targeting for any geo.
  • Facebook we can manage your Facebook campaigns and optimize for the best results

Creafi runs campaigns based on principals that can ensure an excellent ROI, and also:

  • Fully transparent inventory so that you know exactly where your advertising is placed.
  • Guaranteed brand safety by manual vetting of our entire inventory.
  • Extensive reach into worldwide geos.
  • Multiple targeting options.
  • Excellent client service that means we respond quickly and efficiently to your requests and needs.

crazy4media bronze sponsors

As you can see in the pic above, this year went one step ahead and becoming the Bronze Sponsor for AdTech New York with the mobile devices charging station, welcome bags and personalized caricatures.