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Do you want to boost your app dowloads?

Mobile AppsDuring these past years we have been able to experience a progressive increase in the app downloads from the App Stores. Specifically last year, there were approximately 102 trillion worldwide downloads, dividing the Android Market between 58% and Apple 33 %. This demand has led an increasing developing of mobile application.

Among all this multitude of applications that we found when we visit the App Store, what makes us choose between an application or another? Usually, when you make a search in the App Store, our general behavior is to select between the «Top Ten» suggestions.

Once we have chosen one of the options, crawled between the ratings and comments to refine our selection. This way we will continue testing until we find the most interesting one for us.

But, do you think that this selection that offers us the App store is casual? Absolutely not. Only if your app is on the Top Ten, people should be able to find it.

And, which is the key to staying in the top few places?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a bag of tricks which will help you to boost your app downloads. Next wednesday, Javier Correro will teach some tips to make a profit on your mobile app. If you are a IAB Spain member you could assist to this free meeting.

              If you need some tips on how to boost your app downloads, don’t hesitate, Contact us![email protected]

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