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Every day is the end of native advertising

Tips to make your ads work on the always evolving format

Every so often the end of the native advertising is announced, remember the Ad Block 

Native advertising vs bannerscontroversy , but what only few know is that the very concept of native advertising states that it adapts and integrates digital media in order to deliver ads on a non-disruptive user experience, meaning while digital media change, this ad format will continue evolving and growing in order to offer advertising that’s linked to the site where it’s published.

Though some people don’t believe it’s a billion dollar industry, there are further investigations that attest to the effectiveness of native advertising above banners. In the study by Sharethrough and Column Five it’s shown that the native advertising, unlike banners, can sneak into websites content and capture the attention of users.

But in this advertising format is impossible to establish standards due to its evolving nature, then the big question arises: How to create effective native ads?

In this case, Crazy4Media applies the experience and knowledge of other advertising media, our main tips are quite basic though always forgotten at the time of creating an ad.

TIP #1 Take care of your images

Every time we see a picture, some stimulation capable of establishing a connection between what we see and the actual attention we pay to it’s automatically generated in our brains.  It is therefore important to use pictures to arouse the user memory and make him question what he sees. This can be easily achieved by using:

  • Images associated with an event, celebrity or site that users are already aware of. This highlights the value of studying the environment in which we will publish and its.
  • Pictures with people that give veracity to the message we are trying to transmit. Second tip in this sense is to try people in the picture show the emotion that you intending to evoke in your audience, so they will empathize.

TIP #2 Say something meaningful

There are hundreds of ways to convince users to buy a brand, however, how many of those words or phrases are really effective?

Native advertising on feed

When speaking with the user must make every word count and connect, go associated to the page content, to the image and the brand. This sounds easy, but it is something that many forget, the basics you should know is that:

  • «A picture is worth a thousand words». Much more if accompanied by a text that supports and complements the story told. We write content that is related to the image that the user sees in order to give credibility to the ad.
  • Let your inner writer out: first, contextualized content using words that link to your brand or the action you mean to lead. Second, tell your story not just as a Call To Action but as an invitation. Use metaphors or other literary devices in order to achieve this. There are many emotions, images or believes that are capable of making human beings falling in love. One of them are words: Make them count. This idea also works with the user: Write a message that makes them love you and that is capable establishing an emotional connection with your brand.
  • Three words and exclamation points are not enough, advertising industry naturally invites to say little, but this has changed. It is said that today, book readers have decreased while -all thanks to social networks- we have become feed readers. We continue looking for stories to hear, see or read, so when you write, remember not to have any limits whatsoever and just try to tell what your audience needs to know in order to understand you message. Here is an example  “Dear Kitten” :

Finally, remember to always learn from other publishers: What works for them? How does their audience react to it? Once you’ve got an answer to those questions, you’ll be ready to use the «native» of native advertising.

Then integrate, integrate and integrate your ads!

Every day is the end of native advertising because new media and formats appear  and make us change the way we approach users, so every day is a new day to keep on learning and applying new techniques to native advertising.

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Jhovanna Pumarol • 12 noviembre, 2015

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