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Fheel: The digital platform which connects brands and influencers in Youtube

Fheel is a unique platform that connects brands and influencers in order to maximize the results of campaigns using the importance of influencer’s marketing.

The main goal of Fheel is to find those Youtubers that meet the target audience set up on every campaign. This is accomplished through the help of their intelligent algorithm.

2015 has been the key year for the consolidation of influencers marketing as one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing.

According to the report of “The status and practices of relations with influencers” of Augure, the future is very promising for the Influencer Engagement.

According to this agency, on the one hand, 84% of marketers have already carried out actions through the marketing with influencers.

On the other hand, 93% of marketing professionals obtained huge visibility results by some strategies of influencers marketing.


In short, they defined as «very effective» the tactics of ‘Influencer Engagement’ used to achieve visibility.

The relationships with influencers are being more and more profesional and they are proving ever more to be most effective. However, very often it is quite difficult to reach out and negotiate with Youtubers.  Something that characterizes them is that mostly all of them don’t have any plans and act on impulse. .

And what is Fheel?

Fheel is a cloud channel that connects influencers and advertisers in a very simple way in order to get some agreements with mutual benefits for both parties.

What does Fheel offer to influencers?

Fheel is a digital platform that helps them get money from thousands of brands that suit their personality and style of communication.

By using Fheel, Youtubers and influencers can make their passion profitable; take advantage of each of the videos uploaded to their channel and to make money effectively without complications and also without damaging their online reputation.


What does Fheel offer to advertisers?

With Fheel, you can reach your target audience. Thanks to their algorithm, brands can find the best influencer who suits the company, the products and services offered and the different marketing campaigns. In other words, with Fheel you can reach your target audience effectively.

The investment is variable and the best part is that Fheel is the responsible for contacting with the Youtubers, reaching the agreement and getting the best optimization of the ROI of your campaigns.

How does Fheel work?

Fheel connects brands and influencers in a very simple way. If you are an influencer who wants to live from your greatest hobby, you can visit Fheel and register as influencer. They will contact you to start making money from your passion.

If you are a brand interested in getting the most potential online marketing results, you can register and they will contact you as soon as possible.

Then Fheel will make everything possible.

Potentiate the power of your influence!!

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Cristina Rojas • 5 mayo, 2016

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