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Froggie M.M. Shareholders in i2factory

121-logoFroggie Mobile Marketing continues its expansion plan which includes integration with other companies working in the same tech field.
Froggie MM has become a partner of i2factory, a computer engineering company.
i2factory offers technological solutions to software integration problems, they manage to solve these problems in less time and at a lower cost than the solutions that are already available in the market today.

This is possible thanks to the GUARANÁ technology application that can integrate both applications on premise cloud as a visual, simple and agile.
descargaGUARANÁ Innovative features allows deploying the platform in the cloud, this way developers can make whole process – design, configuration and deployment of the solution -100 % in the cloud with a subscription model where you pay when you use it, facilitating SMEs’ access to services that previously could only access larger companies.
Froggie ‘s investment in MM i2Factory begins as minority shareholders with an 8 % stake in the company.

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[email protected] • 27 febrero, 2014

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