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London Affiliate Conference 2013

London Affiliate Conference

Tom Horsey, co-founder of The Crazy4Media Group, gave a talk during the London Affiliate Conference that took place in London in February, if you weren’t able to attend but you want to know the subjects that were discussed, keep reading, because we have summarized the main topics. The talk focused on the usage of mobile applications (native and html5) as lead generation tools, and on Five tips for improving mobile display advertising campaign performance:

-Think about segmenting not only by operation system, but also by operating system version. There are large differences in pricing between different versions of different operating systems.
-Think about segmenting your campaigns into wifi and non-wifi bookings. Non-wifi traffic is much more expensive in many markets.
-Use mobile web campaigns for more complicated purchasing decisions and conversion processes, and in-app for more simple ones. Users tend to be in a different state of mind when navigating online and using apps. The mobile web is used to «search», in-app to «play».
-Dedicate resources to you app store SEO, it is one of the more effective ways of achieving application downloads.
-Test out direct download campaigns for your Android apps, in addition to app store downloads. The installation process is faster, you can design the landing page as you like, and generally the marketing possibilities are broader.
-Track your installation, and uninstall rates, not only the downloads achieved. Some media will achieve very high levels of downloads, but few installations; some media will provide high levels of installations, but also high install rates; some will provide many downloads, many installations, and few uninstalls!