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We can offer you our latest Native advertising solution. This works by analyzing the content of your page and its images, and displays an overlay contextual ad on similar relative sources making the advertisement a coherent part of the editorial content.
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We feel that this revolutionary ad format will very soon overcome the traditional display model currently used on other networks due to its superior conversion rate and appeal to the end target users.

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For publishers the Native advertising ad format has the additional advantage in that it can be activated on your website without affecting your normal ad inventory.  This way you can keep working with your normal online advertising sales team, or preferred ad network partner, for the traditional display advertising and run the Native Advertising tags at the same time.

We have a number of advertisers running with Native ad campaigns already so if you haven’t started yet, why not?  Run a test and see how we compare.


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[email protected] • 6 julio, 2015

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