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White Paper on Programmatic Bidding


The Association representing the advertising, marketing and digital media sector in Spain, launches the first White Paper on Programmatic Buying and RTB, which adds to the 14 published to date by the association.

The document was prepared by the  RTB Working Committee created this year and formed by the representatives from renowned companies within the sector: Adconion, Adform, Crazy4Media, Digilant Spain, Google, Improve Digital, Microsoft, Netbooster, Premium Audience Network, Prisa, ROCKETFUEL, Sociomantic, Valueclick, Weborama and Yahoo!

The main objective of this paper is to educate and explain this new and complex ecosystem in detail. It describes all the different players involved in the RTB Model and the role they play within the workflow,  as well as all the benefits that advertisers gain investing in  this model. An advertiser can bid in real time rather than buy inventory in advance and pay for a specific target public from media partners who’s goal is to monetize its inventory and conversions as best as possible.

The White Paper also discusses the legal aspects that must be taken into account. Although there is currently no specific legislation relating to programmatic buying and RTB, this does not mean that this practice is free to act above the law. You must apply the rules that affect all online businesses and in particular the LSSI  –  the Law of Services of the Information Society (LSSI).

Belen Acebes, Director of Marketing and Research IAB Spain, states «Programmatic buying is a reality we cannot ignore. There is a big demand for more information on this new format , but from our experience, it is not easy to explain. When you fill an auditorium with a round table of experts on programmatic buying and RTB, and halfway through a fascinating debate, the audience begins to empty their seats and leave, you begin to realize that despite a keen interest in learning, it’s such a complex and  technical subject that it puts many people off. What’s more, there is also a big demand for professionals with experience and knowledge in this area. Many companies have heard of programmatic buying, and want to get involved but don’t have the knowhow to get started«.

You can download the white paper HERE.


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[email protected] • 17 noviembre, 2014

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