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Social Media noise is helpful for SEO

Posting on social media affects SEO through user behavior on search engines. Posting steadily in Social Networks lead to an increase in searches.

The «social buzz» or social media noise is the set of user´s conversations and interactions on a particular topic on social media for a certain period.

For example, consider a trending topic on twitter. This shutterstock_115206523-copytweet generates an impact on the social networks through retweets, replies to tweet, hashtag to reference the topic, etc.

So that the trending topic jumps from one social network to another, as a comment on Facebook fan page, or a news in a newspaper, then shared on Google + . At lunch you would comment with your friends or colleagues and so, gradually is becoming more viral and users begin to do research about the topic.

It´s at that point when you should use it for SEO and obtain organic traffic to the website:

We can create a new web with the content on the subject that we have detected in social networks to capture traffic from search engine queries.

Take advantage of the content already created and well positioned around the subject, we can update it with new content to be in line with what is being said about on social media data.

See what is said in conversations and interactions to learn about keywords used by users.

– Post about it on your corporate profile to take advantage of the interested in the subject.

– Take into account the cadence. Since the trending topic is generated until it becomes viral and give relevant results in search volume, it may take several days.

redes sociales

We know that on social media shared publications are not considered linked to the level of «link- building» by search engines. Therefore does not have the same importance, but if there is evidence that the publications that are shared on Twitter for example, helps Google to the early detection of such content.


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Patricia Martín • 7 septiembre, 2015

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