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Contextual and Semantic Targeting

Reaching your target audience maybe difficult sometimes. You might have identified some gaps between your advertisement placement and the relevance of content. Creafi Online Media leverages Semantic Targeting to enable clients to develop more accurate campaigns. Creafi is actually working with best-of-breed semantic targeting technology providers. They are at the forefront of semantic algorithm engines. They have…

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Marketing trends you actually want to read

Our latest newsletter with exciting developments from Crazy4Media…Lots of events mean you will find us all over the world (no matter where you are) new marketing services to generate more profits to your company, our latest features and the best for last, our new C4M calendar just for you. You can read the full newsletter…

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Online video advertising, the newest key to success

In order to understand the evolution of online video advertising, one could first observe the fast transition from television to computers. About a decade ago, the TV set was the center of the house, the source of information and entertainment. Today, even though television still sells well, the computer is the one that we use…

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