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The crazy4media group expansion has no limits, ¡Viva Brazil!


As we informed in our last newsletter, last november we set up a new office in Sao Paulo. The second biggest city in the world, it houses more than 95%  of Brazilian companies and advertising agencies. That added to Brazil’s 260+ million mobile devices and almost 100 million fixed line internet users, the city and country are a fantastic base for the upcoming Crazy4Media expansion in South America.
Since our launch in November, our country representative, Juanda García, has started collaborating with many of the online advertising companies operating in Brazil. Companies such as Havas Digital, Borgui-Lowe, Admotion, Media Opportunities, Propeg and Bullet all now know first hand what we have to offer.
Why not find out for yourself too? Please visit our website, or send us an email to [email protected] to contact our sales team.


[email protected] • 4 enero, 2013

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