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The key of success: Programmatic Mail Marketing

The customer has become a much more active element in the purchasing process. Nowadays the customer uses all the available resources they have at their fingertips to get information on certain products and comment and interact with different brands. In other words, your customer must the center of the universe for your marketing strategies.

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Email marketing is a good option to get loyal customers, but mailing shouldn’t be seen as blasting emails to your entire database in bulk with no control and this is where the Programmatic Mail Marketing comes in.

Programmatic mail marketing is a component of CRM that allows you to define, schedule, segment and track your marketing campaigns in mass, with the aim of converting your current visitors into customers and most importantly, that they become happy, repeat customers.

It consists of using software which performs automatic tasks when you run a campaign, specifically those needed to maintain in contact with the client and increase sales. It allows you to process these tasks in a much more efficient way.

What are the main advantages of Programmatic Mail Marketing?

  • Increase the quality of campaigns and the effectiveness of the messages.
  • Ability to send targeted offers and discounts according to patterns of behavior or characteristics.
  • Increase knowledge about the different profiles of a customer based on their interests, behavior, characteristics,.etc
  • Optimization of your marketing strategy. This tool is perfect to test different variables in the execution and strategy fixtures: scheduling, headers, subjects …. Etc.

Programmatic Email Marketing is the best tool to achieve the loyalty of your customers and optimize the conversion rates. This technique allows a close and personalized communication with customers and also enhances the relationship of trust with the brand and company.

There are three types of leads or users:

  • Cold lead: these are users that have provided us with their basic login details, but don’t have immediate intentions to buy or contract services….yet.
  • Qualified lead: these are users that have visited and interacted on our website. They have frequented the page and shared contents to others, but isn’t yet a customer.
  • Warm lead: These are users that have filled in purchase forms and have expressed an interest in the products and services.

Our task is to track all these leads throughout their visit to the site, hopefully on their journey from cold lead to warm lead in the process. Tracking leads is a very different approach that doesn’t pressure the users in making a purchase as that would only push them away.

How can we achieve this? The key to success is to manage your customer database and to use smart software to establish dynamics and advanced segmentation.

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Here are a few examples:

  • Recovery of abandoned shopping carts.
  • Mailing custom electronic coupons and discount codes.
  • Automatic update of customers’ interests and preferences in our database.
  • Automatic newsletters with suggested sale items for customers.
  • Retargeting campaigns after second, third, or fifth visit, etc.
  • Campaigns with satisfaction assessment forms.
  • Recovery customers, e.g. old clients who bought a long time ago and haven’t revisited the page.

Also not forgetting the typical birthday, Christmas or seasonal campaigns.

A piece of advice…never forget that we are also users of similar websites and customers of other companies. Remember how we feel as a customer in every part of the process, the good and the bad. It’s essential to avoid mistakes when we are on the other side.

The more we know about our customers by analyzing their needs, the better we can refine our programmatic mails and achieve these new and repeat conversions.

Cristina Rojas • 5 noviembre, 2015

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