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Video Ads in Social Media Channels Can Boost Your Sales

Online_Video_Advertising1A good-quality video, leveraged by the power of social media can make all the difference in your business. Viral videos can be seen by millions of people, which often leads to a massive increase in sales. Take advantage of the social revolution to maximize your revenue.

Videos are fun! And they can be profitable to your business as well. According to eMarketer, 75% of all the world’s internet users will view videos in 2014. Video advertising on the internet will increase by more than 40 percent and for a good reason.

Almost 60 percent of marketers would like to increase their video distribution in social networks, according to a survey by Database Trends and Applications. In April 2013, more than 40 percent of social media users watched TV or online video. That shows the bond between social and video marketing. Forbes magazine has already predicted that in 2014, video content in social media channels will lead the marketing trends.

Online_Video_Advertising 2Attractive Videos Combined with the Power of Social Media

Social media is definitely the place to be in 2014. Combined with video ads it can make a huge difference in your marketing. News, entrainment and blog websites are all using video. With a wide range of online streaming video sites and the affordability of video ads in social media channels, there are infinite opportunities.

Online video advertising is popular for several reasons. It increases your online presence and contributes to brand awareness, when it is targeted to the right platform and the exact users. It is much better than TV ads, as it directed to people who are likely to buy from you. It integrates well with social media channels and provides SEO benefits as well.

Videos are great for answering people’s questions and adding value to their lives. Additionally, video titles and descriptions are easier to read than long blog posts, as they are short and explain exactly what the video is about.


Strategies for Putting Video Ads in Different Social Media Channels

Promote your brand by using video ads and then applying viral marketing via social media. The context of your video will determine which social media channel you should use. In Facebook, you can upload up to 20 minutes long video. Creating conversions on your Facebook fan page can reveal what kind of content your consumers would like to get.

Moreover, sharing is really easy in Facebook. Fans can share their comments, responses, problems and so on, and you can use this precious information to make superior videos. Thus, your social media platform will expand its reach as well. It will encourage more and more users to check your videos and comment in your platform.

Social media is the greatest opportunity of getting online traffic, but if you do not use videos on them, then you are not maximizing its potential. Today, engagement with fans is the best marketing method in the online world, and it is affordable to small businesses. Contact us today to increase your sales and brand your business, sometimes even better than the big boys.

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