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The first wearable that helps preventing from osteoporosis: MUVONE

Today from Crazy4Media we would like to talk about one of the most exciting projects we have ever known: Muvone.

Muvone is the first wearable thought out and specifically designed to take care of your bones health by helping the prevention of osteoporosis, a common disease listed by the World Health Organization as one of the epidemics of our time.

imagen 2 post muvoneWhat’s exactly MUVONE?

Muvone is a wearable which offers you a far number of extra features if you use it with your smartphone.

Muvone is a small wearable that tracks your daily activity and collects all the information through the app and records it your cloud profile in order to let you consult your own evolution.

The Muvone team will analyze the information to give you the best tips and motivate you to have a healthy life with stronger bones.

Using Muvone, people can take care of their bones health and so prevent osteoporosis in a healthy way by using new technologies wearables.

Osteoporosis is a bones disease characterized by decreased bone density and the increased bone fragility.

It is a chronic disease that affects around 3 million people and causes 10,000 of bone fractures annually only in Spain. That means that 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 5 men will eventually suffer a fracture caused by this disease.

image 2 post ENAt European level, the figures are even more alarming: more than 27 million people already suffer from this disease what comes to cause more than 3.5 million fractures related to osteoporosis throughout the European Union every year, according to the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) study.

Did you know that osteoporosis can be prevented?

Exactly! Most people are unaware that this disease can be prevented by healthy living and also by starting at a young age with a healthy lifestyle, a diet rich in calcium and high level of vitamin D.

Numerous studies have also shown that there are exercises like walking, running, climbing stairs or dancing among others that are really effective in strengthening your bones. That means that these exercises will help increase your bone mineral density and therefore will be stronger and healthier. In other words, unbreakable.

imagen 3 post muvoneApart from exercises, there are two other key factors in preventing osteoporosis: Calcium and Vitamin D. The app will give you personalized nutritional advice and will also help you controling the levels of vitamin D by solar radiation.

Muvone has been designed in collaboration with a team of experts in Sport Science and Physical Medicine.

From Crazy4Media we don’t have any doubts that Muvone will be a breakthrough for medicine, osteoporosis and its prevention.

Good luck you guys in this amazing brand new project!

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Cristina Rojas • 30 marzo, 2016

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